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Thomas Gansch - Austria

A musical madman in the most positive sense, an artist with a vast field of activities, an instrumentalist who always seeks new challenges and whose trademark is the openness to almost all musical forms, a musician who strives to create his own artistic freedom and has long established himself with his various projects beyond Austrian borders.
The musical career of the trumpeter Thomas Gansch, who was born in 1975 in St. Pölten, has ultimately led him from brass music to jazz, whilst always avoiding blinkered thinking or the likes of it in his work. This makes him one of the most creative and innovative musicians of the young local jazz scene. No matter in what context, whether as a duo, in an ensemble or a large format, the Lower Austrian has always been able to enhance his performances with his own special virtuosic note and incredibly versatile touch.
The winner of numerous awards (such as the Hans Koller Jazz Award for “Newcomer of the Year” in 2002) always presents himself as an artist who is a step ahead of his time. Thomas Gansch is an instrumentalist, who primarily feels at home at the interfaces between the contemporary genres of music. No matter whether in jazz, improvisation, classical or world music, it is evident that he a firm virtuosic grasp on every genre. With the ability to always reinvent his own style and music, to lift it to the next artistic level, we may assume that we will be hearing a lot more from this extraordinary trumpet player in the future.
keli band

Keli Band - Albania

Keli Band is a well-known group created more than 11 years ago. This group consists of very important artists of the Albanian scene who are part of various events in the country such as the cultural institutions like National Theater of Opera, Radio Television Symphonic Orchestra, professors at the University of Arts in Tirana, etc.. Keli Band has been  part in many famous programs at the national televisions or even the most important cultural events in the country and abroad.

The aim of this band is to preserve folk music by intertwining it with centuries-old instruments together with modern elements and electronic equipment.


Kamela Islamaj - Albania (singer,pianist,vocal coach)

Born in Korce in 1987, she starts her piano lessons in 1992 at the elementary school of her native city for eleven consecutive years. She participates in different piano competition and gets the chance to be rewarded and praised by different names of the Albanian Piano Cathedra. At the same time she develops a passion for singing, taking part in the School Choir, Children Festivals and finally her Albanian breakthrough in a TV show called “Ethet e se Premtes Mbrema” where she enters in the 10 finalists.In 2004 Kamela decides to move her life in Tirana where simultaneously studies piano with Professor Nora Cashku and
completes her studies at “Jordan Misja” artistic lyceum of Tirana with excellent grades. In Tirana Kamela starts developing new singing projects and there she starts working as a Jazz singer with the Gent Rushi Trio for different events/concerts in Tirana. In 2006 she gets accepted in the Academy of Arts of Tirana where she studies under the auspices of Prof. Fatmir Hysi completing her studies and getting a degree in Musicology with excellent grades. Simultaneously Kamela works in the biggest Albanian TV channel as a full time singer. She participates in different Albanian competitions such as Festivali I Kenges ne RTSH (awarded 3rd prize), Top Fest (two times awarded best Pop and Rock), Shkodra Jazz Festival, Tirana Jazz Festival. Kamela Islamaj participates in different events of the artistic life of Tirana in different musical projects such as, Genti Rushi Trio, Keli Band, Rockstock band, Top Show band and finally her newest project in collaboration with an Italian DJ called The Electric Blankets where they play neo R&B and soul. Being one of the most awarded voices in Albania she also teaches vocal techniques in the Akademia Hollywood school. And finally Kamela is one of the talent scouts and vocal coach assistants at “The Voice of Albania” cooperating with well known names of the Albanian music industry.


Giuseppe Panepinto - Italy

Giuseppe Panepinto was born on September 18, 1971. He began studying the horn at the municipal music school in Bivova (AG) at the age of 6 and at the age of 8 he became the principal horn player in the municipal music band. At the age of 14, he starts studying the horn with Maestro Antonio Marcuccio who is the principal horn of the theatre Massimo Orchestra in Palermo. Giuseppe enters the A. Scarletti Conservatory in Palermo under Maestro Marcuccio’s guidance after successfully passing an entrance examination. He immediately starts performing with the Scarlatti Conservatory Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Carmelo Caruso. He successfully wins the auditions as the principal horn for the Youth Orchestra of Sicily Chamber Music Ars Nova, directed by Maestro Angelo Faja. Additionally, he attends the Chamber Music course with Maestro Eliodoro Sollima and engages in an intensive concert activity both as Principal horn and as a soloist. In Palermo, he performs with the Sicilian Chamber Music Orchestra and the Proslambanomenos Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Colajanni and Maestro Ciavarello. He secures the position of section horn with the obligation of being the principal for the Italian Youth Orchestra of Fiesole after a successful audition. He attends the Ensemble Music course with the composer Maestro Vink Globocar. Rehearsal with Maestro Angelo Faja and performances in various theatre and concert halls and with Maestro Rath characterize his orchestral training. He begins studying respiration technique and advanced horn repertoire with Maestro Benedetto Tortora.
In 1990 he received the Orchestra Professor certification. In 1991 he graduates in horn. In 1992 he joins the National Army Band of the Italian Army as the principal horn. He starts refining his skills under Maestro Salvatore Accardi Principal horn of the Orchestra of the National Academy of Saint Cecilia. He begins collaborating with the National Orchestra of St. Cecilia under the direction of Maestro Gatti, Chung, Ergris, Sinopoli and more. He collaborates whit the Orchestra of the Diocese of Rome under the direction of Maestro Monsignor Marco Frisina, recording film music for the same orchestra. Moreover, he collaborates with the Roma Sinfonietta Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Ennio Morricone, recording film music with the same orchestra. He also collaborates as the principal horn with the Octopus Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Fabio Frizzi, recording film music for the same orchestra. Additionally, he serves as the assistant to the principal horn whit the Orchestra of Theatre Saint Carlo in Naples. Furthermore, he collaborates whit the Symphony Orchestra of Rome under the direction of Maestro Francesco La Vecchia. As the principal horn, he collaborates with the Massimo Freccia Youth Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Massimo Baci. He graduates in Chamber Music from the Saint Cecilia Conservatory in Rome under the guidance of Maestro Luciano Cerroni. He also attends the Analysis Musical course under the guidance of Ethnomusicologist Maestro Luciano Biagiola. He performs with the Italian Brass Group and various brass quintets. Currently he plays whit the quintet “Lux Brass.” He collaborated as the principal horn with the Orchestra of the Saint Cecilia Conservatory conducting courses for the direction Orchestra. He performed on Eurovision with Bernstein’s “Mass” under the direction of Maestro Boris Brott and more. He won the competition for the position of principal and second horn for the National Band of the Italian Army. He has recorded film music, videocassette, records, and CDs with various ensembles. He refined his solo sound projection in large concert halls with Maestro Dale Clevenger. He holds a master’s degree in art and is graduate in pictorial techniques. He has conducted advanced courses for the Music Association of Ceccano (FR), the Isolana Music Academy of Isolana Liri (FR), the Civitavecchia Music Union, the International Flute Academy of Rome, the Municipality of Farnese (VT), ANBIMA, the National Association of Maltese Bands and for the University of Arts in Tirana. He served as Artistic Director and creator of the advanced instrumental courses “Farnese Music Summer,” for the Civitavecchia Music Union and for the ASP City of Civitavecchia. He was the conductor of the Wind Orchestra G. Puccini in Civitavecchia and various orchestral and diverse ensembles. He has published two horn texts, narrating the instrument’s history to aid musicians in contemporary music and in handling’s “syncopated” rhythms. Concert of contemporary music have been written for Panepinto. Currently, he holds the position of principal horn in the National Band of the Italian Army, engages in extensive concert activities and teaches horn at high-level courses nationally and internationally.

Albanian Horn Ensemble

Albanian Horn Ensemble it is an ensemble created 10 years before by the horn professors Andrea Canaj and Ilir Kodhima. Mostly of the artists in this ensemble are students but also colleagues from differenc orchestras in Albania. The capacity of this ensemble its really rare regarding to the technique and the range of the register, so it has been a inspiration for many composers from Albania or abroad. Also one strong point of this group, it’s the capacity of playing different arias or overtures arranged especially for them.


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