Perfundon studimet e larta prane Universitetit te Arteve ne vitin 2017 me mbrojtjen e Diplomes Master me Orkestren e Radio Televizionit Shqiptar. Ajo ka dhene disa koncerte recitale, te muzikes se dhomes si dhe ka luajtur disa vepra premiere te kompozitoreve te rinj ne Teatrin e Operas dhe Baletit, Universitetin e Arteve, Kosove etj. Ne vitin 2015, formacioni i saje merr Cmimin e Pare Absolut te Muzikes Kamertale ne garat Ars Kosova,Prishtine.  Era eshte pjestare e kuartetit te harqeve “Archidea”, i cili ne vitin 2018 vleresohet si formacioni me i mire i muzikes se dhomes ne Takimin Kombetar te Muzikes se Dhomes.   Prej vitit 2013 eshte krenare te jete pjese e Orkestres se Radio Televizionit Shqiptar dhe prej vitit 2021 eshte drejtuese e shoqates artistike “Artistet Interprete” duke dhene kontribut te vecante ne ideimin dhe implementimin e aktiviteteve kulturore ne Shqiperi.



He took his first lessons in horn with the Prof. Avni Dajko at the Artistic High School of Music “Jordan Misja” in Tirana, and then with Prof. Andrea Canaj at the University of Arts in Tirana where he finished studies with maximum assessments. Also he took lessons with other well-known pedagogues such as: Mike Svoboda – Austria, Markus Burghaier – Germany, Uwe Diekersen – Germany, Vangelis Scuras – Greece, Guido Corti – Italy, Robin O’Brain – U.K, etc. He is quite active as an artist interpreter part of serveral ensembles, part of orchestras, holding lessons for the young generation, and also as playing and collaborating with Albanian and foreing artists in: Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo. His goal as an artist is to enrich the Albanian and international music repertoire by inspiring composers. Many composersers dedicated pieces for him: Enis Mullaj – Under dhe Monlight, Alan Holley – The Glieve Glows, Alan Holley – Red Harmony, Andrian Petrout – Vue de Laigle etc. Also his aim is to create the necessary infrastructure for the young artists and helping them on creating new bridges of collaboration and enriching a unffiied method of studying and interpretation. Ilir Kodhima is also a organizer of the International Albanian Brass Festival since 2016, bringing in Albania many famous artsits from all over the world like: Alan Holley – Australia, Paul Goodchild – Austria , Arkady Shilkloper – Russia. Dr.Brent Shires – USA, Dr.Greg Jones – USA, Gergely Sugar – Austria etc. He is a member of many ensembles like: Albanian Brass Quintet, Albanian National Brass, “Cesk Zadeja” Wood Wind Quitet etc. From 2008-2009 he was part of the National Radio Television Orchestra as third horn, from 2009 – 2021 as the Principal horn at the National Opera and Ballet in Tirana, and then 2021 he is a Pedagogue at the University of Arts in Tirana (Albania) and Prishtina (Kosovo).


Alan Holley (b.1954) has been regularly performed and broadcast in Australia since the mid-1970s and over the past twenty years his music has become increasingly well-known in America and Europe. In 2014 he was a featured composer at the Velika Gorica Brass Festival (Croatia) and was the subject of a composer profile concert in the Kolarac Hall, Belgrade, Serbia. Just this month the Sydney based Sirius Ensemble performed four of his works in a ‘composer profile’ concert. Major compositions include the trumpet concerto Doppler’s Web (2005), written for soloist Paul Goodchild and A Line of Stars (2007), both  commissioned and performed in the Concert Hall of the Opera House by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Loaded with Dream (2011) was commissioned by the Sydney Symphony for performance by the Fellows. In 2012 the Seraphim Trio toured his piano trio ‘the estuaries of time’. His flute, double bass and trumpet works are included in the Australian Music Examinations Board syllabus. EMI Australia has published two collections. CDs of chamber and vocal music include Ophelia and Masquerade on the MBS label and Solos and Hammerings on the Hammerings Records label. Four of his trumpet works appear on the Paul Goodchild CD, Mixed Dozen on the 1M1 label.

ERMAL SELA - Coordinator

He graduated at the Academy of Arts for trumpet in 2008. He play bass guitar in different pop – rock groups and popular ensembles such as “Tirana Ensemble”. During the National Folk Festival of Gjirokastra “Argjiro Fest_ON 2015” he was part of the Selective Board. Since 2000 he has been collecting Albanian popular instruments. Now his collection has more than 100 licensed and tempered instruments, traditional costumes and many ornaments almost 100 years old. Till now this collection has been exposed in Tirana and Prishtina.

JONIDA CUNGA/SELA - Public Relation

She studied Acting at the Faculty of Stage Arts and graduated in 2007. Since 2008 she teaches “Voice Training” at the same faculty. She has been playing different roles in theater, lastly we can mention “Aleksei the fool”, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia 2016. She has been working as coordinator of “Skampa” International Theater Festival in 2008. Artistic Director of “First Step Film Fest” in 2010 and 2016. Actually she is PhDc at the Institution of Anthropology and Art Studies in the subject of Folklore and works as manager of folklore festivals at the National Center of Folk Activities.


She graduated in translation – interpretation branch of English at the University of Foreign Languages in 2008. She graduated in MSC (master of science) in the translation – interpretation in English in 2010, and also she graduated in MBA in Business Administration at the Economic University Mesdhetar in 2016. During the year 2012, she has conducted training for Photo & In-design Training. The years 2011-2015, has been worked for administrative assistant at the British Embassy in Tirana. Also the years 2013-2016,worked administrator assistant,and since 2016 actually she works economist operator at finance department at the Shega Trans shpk .