ANDREA CANAJ - President

He finished the studies in the University of Arts in 1986 with pedagogue “Dhimiter Gjergji and Kristofor Qorri”. He continued his specialization with the famous pedagogue, “Andrie Van der Ween” from Netherlands. During his career he was principal horn at the “National Opera and Ballet” Orchestra  and at te National Radio Television Orchestra. He has directed the horn cass at the Conservatory of Epir.in Janina, Greece (1999-2004). Since 1993 he is horn pedagogue at University of Arts in Albania and at the Faculty of Arts “Hasan Prishtina” in Kosovo.

ILIR KODHIMA - Artistic Director

He had the first horn classes with the professor Avni Dajko in the high school of Arts “Jordan Misja” and then with the professor Andrea Canaj in the Academy of Arts. He had lessons with famous pedagogues: Mike Svoboda-Austria, Markus Burghaier-Germany, Uwe Diekersen-Germany, Vangelis Scuras-Greece, Guido Corti-Italy, Robin O’Brain-England etc. He is quite active in many different orchestras and like soloist. He won the price “Absolute” in the competition ARS Kosovo in 2013, and the first price for best interpretation in the festival “National Chamber Music” on 18 October 2016. The year 2008-2009 he played the third horn at the Radio Television Orchestra, Albania and since 2009 at the National Opera and Ballet Orchestra. Actually he is principal horn at Opera House, Albania, invited pedagogue at the University of Arts, Albania and Artistic Director at the “International Albanian Brass Festival”.

ERMAL SELA - Coordinator

He graduated at the Academy of Arts for trumpet in 2008. He play bass guitar in different pop – rock groups and popular ensembles such as “Tirana Ensemble”. During the National Folk Festival of Gjirokastra “Argjiro Fest_ON 2015” he was part of the Selective Board. Since 2000 he has been collecting Albanian popular instruments. Now his collection has more than 100 licensed and tempered instruments, traditional costumes and many ornaments almost 100 years old. Till now this collection has been exposed in Tirana and Prishtina.

JONIDA CUNGA/SELA - Public Relation

She studied Acting at the Faculty of Stage Arts and graduated in 2007. Since 2008 she teaches “Voice Training” at the same faculty. She has been playing different roles in theater, lastly we can mention “Aleksei the fool”, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia 2016. She has been working as coordinator of “Skampa” International Theater Festival in 2008. Artistic Director of “First Step Film Fest” in 2010 and 2016. Actually she is PhDc at the Institution of Anthropology and Art Studies in the subject of Folklore and works as manager of folklore festivals at the National Center of Folk Activities.

ERVIS KOBUZI - Image Curator

He graduated the branch of photography in “Harry Fulls” college and he started his activities in the best studios in Tirana. He has a good experience as freelance reporter for many Media Companies in Albania. Also he has been part of projects like cameraman for documentary, advertisements, short movies and video-clips for the famous televisions like TOP, Alsat etc. The passion for alphinism helped him to make many rare albums of the alps nature in Albania


Tomislav has started to play trumpet at age 6. He finished Music Academy of the University of Zagreb. During his studies he attended numerous masterclasses of eminent trumpet players (Steuart, Tarr, Dokshitzer, Groth, Nilsson, Touvron, Vizzutti, Thibaud, André, Tarkövi, Agnas, Hardenberger…), and after his studies he took private lessons with T.Plog, P.Thibaud, G.Geiger, D.Baldwin and T.Reiner. He is constantly seeking for broadening trumpet repertoire so he is cooperating with numerous composers and has initiated a lot of new compositions wich are dedicated to him (E.Ewazen: Trio for trumpet, cello and piano, J.Stephenson: Trio „Croatian“ for trumpet, flute and piano, L.Saglie: Sonatine, A.Klobučar: March, S.Stojanović: Trio No.9 for trumpet, violin and harpsichord, H.Wessman: Sonata for cornet…). In 2008. He gave a New York premiere of E.Ewazen’s Trio for trumpet, cello and piano at Juilliard School of Music and in 2014. He premiered the same piece with the trombone instead of cello (with James Lebens on trombone and Eric Ewazen on piano). He also found a forgoten work Elevation Op.71 for trumpet and organ by croatian composer who lived in USA B.Kunc. He promotes trumpet and brass instruments in Croatia since brass instruments in his homeland are not so popular. He initiated five trumpet studios aprooved by the ministry of culture. He is most active as a pedagougue but also is giving concerts and workshops (Minnesota-USA, Albania, Israel, Romania). He is seeked member of juries for various competitions (Croatia, Slovenia, Israel, USA, Serbia). He is runing a brass festival in the city of Velika Gorica as an artistic director since 2007. www.vgbrass.com


She graduated in translation – interpretation branch of English at the University of Foreign Languages in 2008. She graduated in MSC (master of science) in the translation – interpretation in English in 2010, and also she graduated in MBA in Business Administration at the Economic University Mesdhetar in 2016. During the year 2012, she has conducted training for Photo & In-design Training. The years 2011-2015, has been worked for administrative assistant at the British Embassy in Tirana. Also the years 2013-2016,worked administrator assistant,and since 2016 actually she works economist operator at finance department at the Shega Trans shpk .

KLISEN XHAFAJ - Assistant / Archivist

Took the first horn clasees with Pedagogue I.Belle at high school of arts “Jakov Xoxa” from 2013-2016. Currently he is studying horn at University of Arts in Tirana. Albania with Pedagoge I.Kodhima. He had lessons with many famous Pedagoges like: M.Roksandic – Serbia, Brent Shires – USA etc and also is present in many concerts and projects.